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by Claudio Di Veroli

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Errata and Extras

The Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History and Practice eBook is a self-contained work. No additional files are needed to read it, understand it, enjoy it and/or put the advice into practice. Once you have purchased the book, however, additional goodies are waiting for you to enhance your experience.

Unequal Temperaments ERRATA and ADDENDA

A detailed list of Errata and Addenda for the 3rd Edition is now available in MS Word 2003 document format. To download it please see Unequal Temperaments DOWNLOADS below.

Unequal Temperaments SPREADSHEET

The Unequal Temperament spreadsheets, continuously evolving since their first version in 1991, have now been fully updated for the 3rd Edition of the book. The new Parametric Spreadsheet in MS Excel 2003 format includes only four worksheets. The “Gen” worksheet carries the shared coefficients, “List” includes the definitions of the Circle of Fifths for 58 temperaments (a special row allows any other temperament to be entered by the user). Finally the “Regu” and “Irre” worksheets carry out the full analysis, providing Circles of Fifths and Major Thirds, Offsets w.r.t. Equal Temperament, Frequencies and Beat Rates, a Fretting Chart and a Major Thirds deviation chart. To download the new spreadsheet please see Unequal Temperaments DOWNLOADS below.

Unequal Temperaments DOWNLOADS

The Unequal Temperaments downloads are available to any owner of the Unequal Temperaments eBook (any edition). Directions:

  1. Please download any of the available zip files: UT Spreadsheet and/or UT Errata.
  2. Unzip the zip file using either Windows Explorer or an utility such as Winzip or Total Commander.
  3. You will be asked a password: please enter, with all the letters in lower case, the 4th word in the first paragraph of section 3.8 of the UT eBook (any edition).
  4. Copy the file inside the zip to any folder in your PC. Once this is done, the file is unprotected, and no further password is needed to open and it.
  5. Please remember that these files are not freeware: giving copies to other persons is a copyright infringement.

Unequal Temperament SOUND EXAMPLES

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