Unequal temperament tuning directions Comparison of historical temperaments antique harpsichord with tuning forks



by Claudio Di Veroli

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Welcome to Unequal Temperaments!

This book and website are devoted to everybody interested in Musical Temperament: performers of all Western musical instruments, singers, keyboard tuners, instrument makers, students and music lovers.

Unequal Temperaments eBook

We deal here with the foundations of Western music: the definition of pitches in musical scales, their acoustical principles, historical development and present day use. Also, how to tune musical instruments and how to play them and sing in tune. This 3rd edition contains 486 pages and 365 figures, and incorporates decades of new findings.

PART ONE provides the acoustical foundations and covers the main temperaments, with a thorough analysis of their musical features. Finally a full HISTORICAL SURVEY guides the musician in the selection of temperament(s) for his/her repertoire.

PART TWO consists of directions for the practice of the different unequal temperaments: keyboard tuning procedures, fret placement in fretted strings, fingering for unfretted strings, intonation for voices, early woodwinds and brass wind instruments, including variable intonation techniques.

PART THREE covers multiple divisions and the analysis of historical sources, including recent research results.